For an inclusive Calgary

An inclusive city values all people and its services, amenities, and public realm are available and accessible to everyone. An inclusive city improves equity, fights marginalization, and promotes universal participation in recreation, employment, and civil society.


Poverty Reduction

The City needs to take action by investing in, fully committing to, and implementing programs that reduce poverty in Calgary >>Read more


transit iconTransit

Better transit means better mobility for everyone. Calgary is ready for a public transit system that will help navigate our economic recovery and prepare us for a bright, active future. >>Read more


Indigenous Inclusion IconIndigenous Inclusion & Reconciliation

An inclusive, resilient, and thriving Calgary cannot exist so long as the Indigenous peoples of this land continue to be oppressed and marginalized. >>Read more



For a resilient Calgary

A resilient city prepares for ongoing and foreseeable shocks and stresses and builds capacity to adapt to shocks and stresses which are unforeseeable. A resilient city develops these tools and resources both at an institutional level and among the population, so that the city as a whole can flourish in the face of any challenge.


Climate Security

Disastrous climate change is here and accelerating. Calgary has the plan and the talent. We need climate leadership now. >>Read more


Housing Affordability

Safe, accessible housing is a human right that must be extended to every Calgarian regardless of their income status. >>Read more


Active Transportation Network

We need to improve our existing pathways and bikeways, and ensure future developments prioritize an active transportation network that is accessible to all. >>Read more

For a thriving Calgary

A thriving city is one where people and institutions have: 

  • opportunity, meaning choices and chances for success; 
  • prosperity, meaning support and an environment of success; 
  • quality of life, meaning health, comfort, and well-being; and
  • sustainability, meaning the ability to maintain all of the above without exhaustion or damage to people, resources, or the environment.


jobs iconJobs for Calgarians

High-quality job opportunities are important to ensuring a strong quality of life for all Calgarians. >>Read more 


Economic Opportunity

This is a pivotal moment for Calgary, and a chance to build a future full of opportunities for everyone to thrive. >>Read more 


arts iconSupport for the Arts

Arts and creative industries are a vital component of a thriving city that's a desirable place to live and visit. >>Read more 


Recreation & Sport

We must make recreation and sport available, accessible and easy for all Calgarians to participate in. >>Read more