Economic Opportunity


This is a pivotal moment for Calgary, and an opportunity to harness our strengths and position ourselves as global leaders in multiple industries. Now more than ever, economic diversification is critical to building a Calgary that is more resilient and provides opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Let’s elect leaders who will work together to enable Calgary to reach its potential.


We need to take advantage of our entrepreneurial energy and technological expertise to address the challenges and opportunities of our day.

  • Supporting innovation in emerging and existing sectors creates sustainable job opportunities.

  • This means incentivizing growth of sectors which may include: entertainment, creative industries, film, interactive digital media, breweries, biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, aerospace and logistics, agribusiness, sport, environment, financial services, life sciences, technology, clean energy technology, tourism and transportation and logistics.

  • It also means investing in infrastructure to support innovation. This may include fibre internet, subsidized office space for hubs, innovation clusters for key industries, LRT expansion, 5A network, and active transportation.

  • Calgary already has a robust strategy and organizations in place to address economic diversification. Now we have to use and expand this toolkit to fill the gaps in our innovation ecosystem.

  • Not everyone gets to participate equally in our current economy. Marginalized Calgarians such as women, racialized people, Indigenous people, LGBTQIA2S+, and those with disabilities deserve full access. 
  • Opportunities in our future economy need to be accessible and inclusive, while ensuring that those who are marginalized, those that cannot participate, or are in a transition period still remain supported by social programs.


Let's keep building the city that people aspire to live in.

  • Strategies for economic opportunity must include Calgary’s unique culture, sports, and arts communities, which all contribute to a great quality of life.

  • These industries have kept Calgary on the destination maps of tourists and have attracted the best talents from around the world to live and perform here. They have also been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, and are key to attracting and keeping both human and financial capital in the city.

  • We need to be a desirable place to live, play, learn and work for all people.


A more diverse economy avoids boom and bust cycles while helping to reach our climate goals.

  • Calgarians have led the way in innovation and ingenuity in the energy sector. With these qualities we can continue to be global leaders in our climate response.

  • We need an economy that’s resilient to the changes that are currently before us, and those that will occur in the coming generations.

  • We already have the expertise and could be investing more in areas like:

    • Cleaner, reliable, and more renewable energy;

    • Safe, efficient, and sustainable transport of people and goods;

    • Agriculture sciences, and a healthy and secure food supply;

    • Sports, arts, culture and tourism;

    • Needed improvements to health & life sciences.

  • Calgarians know how to invest in climate security in ways that save us money, create good jobs, diversify the economy, make us healthier, and keep Calgary a place people want to move to when they’re young, and stay part of when they’re old.



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