We see a bright future for Calgary, one that is thriving, resilient and inclusive. And we are mobilizing together to achieve it.

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We are facing big challenges.

It’s a time of change for Calgary. We have seen enormous upheaval in just the last year: a global pandemic, challenging fluctuations in our economy, declining government revenues, drastic cuts to public services, and the most vulnerable populations are taking the biggest hit. Well-resourced lobby firms are exploiting this time of uncertainty to attack much-needed public transit projects and threaten supports for development and diversification.


Change is on the horizon. 

In the midst of this complex environment, a decision point is on the horizon: the 2021 municipal election. Calgary will elect 14 councillors, a mayor, and 7 school board trustees. 

We need to choose a city council and mayor who will build a thriving, resilient, and inclusive Calgary. We need the right people in these positions, who will work together on solutions as a cohesive team. 

Look Forward Calgary is about turning towards a hopeful, innovative vision for Calgary’s future. 


The work starts today.