What does Look Forward Calgary do?

  • Help Calgarians identify municipal candidates who will build a thriving, resilient, and inclusive Calgary.
  • Act as a bridge between communities, political organizers, and candidates to build teams that support and communicate with each other.
  • Promote evidence-and-outcomes-based positions on issues that affect the whole city, so the election is about what matters to all Calgarians.

Our Members

Look Forward Calgary is made up of everyday Calgarians like you who want to help build a better Calgary. Our community memberships operate on a pay-what-you-can model and are available to anyone through our website here

Community members who are interested in becoming more involved can apply to become voting members. Voting members elect the Board of Directors, vote at General Meetings, and participate in our various committees.

Our Team

Elected by the Voting Membership, the Board of Directors is responsible for directing and managing Look Forward’s operations. Directors also chair Look Forward’s committees.

  • Quinton Rafuse - Interim President, Chair: Executive Committee, Co-Chair: Fundraising
  • Aman Adatia - Vice President, Chair: Personnel
  • Ujal Thakor - CFO, Treasurer, Chair: Finance & Compliance
  • Gail Garden - Co-Chair: Candidate Research & Endorsement
  • Sameer Mawji - Co-Chair: Fundraising
  • Jessica Wiseman - Co-Chair: Candidate Research & Endorsement

How we work together 

At Look Forward Calgary, we strive to create safety and accountability in our spaces by focusing on inclusion, equity, solidarity, and community in our work. Read more about our approach to safe and accountable spaces here