Lourdes Juan

Lourdes is an Urban Planner, entrepreneur, and community mobilizer. She has been recognized as Top 40 Under 40 in Avenue Magazine, received the Culbert Family Philanthropy Award from the United Way, one of CBC’s Top 10 Changemakers, and awarded the L’Oreal Paris’ Women of Worth Award, and as a Distinguished Graduate from the University of Calgary. 

With a Masters in Environmental Design, Lourdes is the Founder & CEO of Hive Developments, an urban planning firm focused on development consultancy. She is also the Founder and CEO of Soma Spa in the Marriott Hotel in Seton. 

An instigator for positive change both on a community and provincial level, she finds herself to be continually creating not-for-profit and social enterprise organizations that promote her advocacy for those most vulnerable in the city and beyond. She is the Founder of the Leftovers Foundation, an organization that redirects thousands of pounds of excess food in Alberta and Manitoba to upcycling projects and service agencies in need. She is also the Founder of Fresh Routes, a social enterprise that increases fresh and healthy food access into marginalized and vulnerable communities. 

She is also the Co-Founder of Moonlight Market, an annual Asian street food inspired night market in Calgary. She sits on multiple boards focused on city building, affordable housing and entrepreneurship.