Trent Fequet

A proud Indigenous entrepreneur and business leader with 23 years of experience with some of Canada’s most prominent pipeline, infrastructure, and mining companies, Mr. Fequet founded Steel River Group three years ago based on the belief that there has never been a better time to reimagine how a private Indigenous business defines, creates and captures value for Indigenous communities & people. 

To achieve this goal, Mr. Fequet built Steel River around governing principles, which are deeply rooted in Indigenous values, beliefs, and culture. This foundation is grounded through a strong sense of community, empowered by people and relationships. The Steel River Inclusion Ecosystem Model creates value opportunities between all of Steel River Companies, Indigenous Communities, and Alliance Partners.

This model has created a shared vision around community and how Steel River can act as a catalyst in facilitating business agreements, partnerships, and even the creation of new companies. As a management entity, Steel River Group provides corporate governance, structure, and support to its group of companies as well as to its Ecosystem partners.

He is committed in helping those around him to succeed and mentors and supports his staff, community entrepreneurs, and individuals around him. His vision for the organization’s future is to support the process of collaborative engagement, foster the preservation of cultural and traditional values, and champion social sovereignty and economic sustainability for our people.

Trent is excited to be a part of Look Forward Calgary and lend what he has learned as a community leader to this important community building initiative.